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"Music As Healer Frequency For                       Souls"

For all those who love art, romance, drama, meditation and healing through music just click the link below, and find out more about on my new website:

 You can also access my Entertainment Worldwide Jazz Singer Profile:

Gabriela Coman or Ella Como Official

          Music As Healer Frequency For Souls

Green Leaves
Gabriela Coman
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About Me

A Musical Journey to My Artistic Concept

Gabriela Coman or Ella Como Official is an influential Music Artist with a devoted following, especially in Romania and UK.   

Her new artistic concept <3 "Music As Healer Frequency For Souls" <3 determined her to reinvent herself, starting a new journey and wanting to promote the jazz and classical music combined with the gentle touch of Nature.         Being the reason why she had to learn the piano for following the artistic vision.  Since then, she has released live records almost constantly and put out music on a regular basis that manages to thrill and delight fans—both old and new—and critics alike.


        Tecuci, Romania     







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